Welcome to Usopp's Club

Usopp is one of the genesis validators who launched the Celo blockchain on 22nd of April 2020.

Building the future one block at a time

A team of enthusiasts who believe that Celo has the potential to make a difference and create the right conditions for everyone. We believe that blockchain technology is a platform shift similar to the Internet. It couples communication and transfer of value properties. This is a major paradigm shift which is going to completely revolutionise our society.

Our story

We have been following the Celo project since its early days in 2018. It was a privilege to witness the amazing journey of the network development from Alfajores to Baklava and the growing nascent community. The Stake-Off competition brought together a set of highly competitive but remarkably helpful and cooperatives groups of validators. Those sleepless nights of the competition have paid off really well as we are one of the 65 Genesis Validators and the grateful producer of the first block of the chain :D


We have a firm belief that blockchain technology can be a force for good and help us build a more sustainable future. Celo has put forward the values which are guiding their roadmap and execution and we are really excited to be part of this journey!


Usopp's nodes and validators are run on a reliable infrastructure with a conservative approach to security. With our first node created in 2018 with another PoS network, we have the operational experience and we are committed to help secure the Celo blockchain.


We are involved with cryptocurrency since 2016 and have been amazed by Celo's execution, from the original vision in 2018 to its launch in 2020. With our experience developed with other PoS networks, we have decided to fully commit to Celo and help shape the future we would like to live in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Celo?

Celo is an open platform that makes financial tools accessible to anyone with a mobile phone. It helps foster an ecosystem of powerful applications built on top, including easier cash transfer programs, peer-to-peer lending, collaborative small-scale insurance and other financial operations.

What is a validator and a validator group?

Validator Group acts as an intermediary between voters and validators. A group can have a maximum of 5 validators which are elected according to votes received by the group.

Validators help secure the Celo network by participating in its proof-of-stake consensus and producing blocks which include user transactions.

What are genesis validators?

Genesis validators were determined in the genesis block and they launched the network on 22nd of April 2020. The genesis validators were the first set of active validators which bootstrapped the celo blockchain.

Why should I be voting?

With Celo native token, you have a stake in the Celo network. Celo is the native asset which allows you to secure the network by voting for a reliable validator group and earning a reward for it. The Celo native token also allows you to participate in the governance mechanism and vote for protocol amendment.

Are my Celo token safe when voting?

By holding locked Celo, voting for protocol amendment and group validators, you participate in the governance and security of the Celo blockchain. Your Celo tokens are completely safe as you hold custody of your tokens.

When do I receive my voting rewards?

Voting rewards are automatically distributed to your address at the end of each epoch. One epoch duration is 24 hours.


Contact us to get more information about our group or Celo in general